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Welcome to the Dots and Beams online store!

I'm always improving and adding to the product library so please follow Dots and Beams on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on new products and workshops.

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All e-books are delivered via email in a printable PDF format.


Be sure to check your junk mail and any other folders the email may have been filtered into and allow a few minutes for delivery.



Print copies are perfect bound, 8.5 x 11 inch paperbacks.


Workshops and Lessons

I'm currently offering the following online workshops:

How Do I Use Dots and Beams?

Free Online Workshop

This workshop is offered to groups of music teachers. In it I provide an introduction to the Dots and Beams book series and demonstrate some of the more outside-the-box ways these books can be used to target a variety of learning goals with your students.

Please contact me to

schedule a workshop.

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Music Theory Lessons

Online Western Music Theory Lessons

Learn Western music theory in a series of one-on-one online lessons. Lessons will be tailored to your specific interests and ability level.


Contact me to set up a free 20 minute introductory meeting.

All lessons are presented over zoom.

If you're interested in private lessons or if you'd like me to give a workshop for your students or your staff on theory concepts or on how to use the Dots and Beams books in creative ways, please contact me directly with details.

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