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This weekly group class is designed for adult amateurs who play an instrument and are interested in learning the inner workings of Western music. Beginners to their instrument are welcome and encouraged!

This class will follow an open structure. The material that we cover will be catered to the interests, curiosity, and questions brought to the class by you, the participants. If no specific questions are raised we'll cover material based on the ability levels of the people present.


Topics that we can cover include music literacy, scales and keys (major, minor, and beyond), chord theory, comping and improvising, rhythm concepts, composing music of your own, and practice ideas to incorporate all of this information in a practical way.

This class isn't instrument-specific. I won't be talking about playing techniques on any one particular instrument. Instead, I'll be talking about the structural ideas that make up Western classical music, jazz, and many genres of popular music.

This class is a great supplement to your regular instrumental lessons; it can help you gain a deeper understanding of the music that you're learning and can be a great way to inspire creativity in your composing, songwriting, playing, and improvising.

Classes take place over Zoom every Tuesday evening in March from 7:00-8:00pm Eastern Time. For $75 you have access to all 5 classes in March.


Class dates and times for March are:

Tuesday, March 2nd

Tuesday, March 9th

Tuesday, March 16th

Tuesday, March 23rd

Tuesday, March 30th

8:00pm EST.

Weekly Online Theory Group (March)

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