This 6-week online course picks up where "Building Blocks: Scales and Intervals" leaves off. In it you'll learn about chords and chord progressions within classical and popular music.


Topics include:

  • What is a chord?
  • What makes a chord major or minor?
  • How do I know which chords go well together?
  • How do I read chord symbols?
  • What is a chord progression and how do I make one?
  • What is voice leading?
  • What are 7th chords?
  • Are there other types of chords?

This course is for adult learners who can read music and have an understanding of major scales, minor scales, and intervals. If you don't already possess this knowledge I recommend you take "Foundations: Music Literacy" and "Building Blocks: Scales and Intervals" first.



Partial refunds will not be given if classes are missed.

If you registered and would like to cancel please contact me at least 24 hours before the start of the first week's session.

Progressions: Chords and Harmony


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