Welcome to the Daily Sight-Read!

Every day I will upload a free sight-reading exercise.

Some of these exercises will be aimed at beginners, some will be aimed at more advanced players. Some will be just rhythm, some will be just pitch, some will be both combined.

Every day will be a different challenge unique to that day. No two days will have the same challenge. Each exercise exists for only one day, then it is gone.

Your challenge is to find a way to use this reading exercise to challenge yourself.

If the exercise is the perfect challenge level for you, excellent! Play it on your instrument!

If the exercise is too easy for you, find a new and creative way to challenge yourself. Perhaps play an ostinato in your left hand while reading the exercise in your right hand. Maybe play it in a key that challenges you. Or play the exercise with the metronome on the off-beat. Maybe try playing it on a secondary instrument.

Daily Sight-Read  Dec  7, 2019.png

If the exercise is too difficult for you, no problem. Maybe focus just on the rhythm and try to clap few bars of it. Maybe go through and write in all of the note names. Maybe try playing it in an easier key.

The idea here is that you recognize where you are in your own playing and find a way to use the daily sight-reading exercise to challenge yourself.

If you've found a particularly clever way to use these exercises in your own practice or with your students, tweet your ideas to @dotsbeamsmusic so that others can benefit from your exercises!

Get creative and have some fun with this!

© 2020 by Nathan Petitpas, Dots and Beams

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